A Brazilian’s Dream

Brazilian Nikkei pastoral couple, Takero and Midori Oshima, dreamed of returning to their ancestor’s home in Japan. They had not returned for years. Finances were tight but Jesus miraculously provided for their dream.

slippersReturning to Brazil just days before World Conference, they told of Bible Studies in Japan FM homes and worship gatherings, evidenced by this scene in the hall way.

What is your evangelism dream?


World Conference for Kids: Friends Teach Faithfulness


I know some of you have a special place in your heart for the Church.
I learn so much from the leaders around the world.
I keep learning from Jesus too.

Bishop Shembe (right), from South Africa, is a kind man. He is an international leader and very good at making peace. He came to the World Conference with his delegate and very good friend, Msawenkosi Wiseman Nyawose (left). Professor Msawenkosi is a lawyer and teaches Mercantile Law at the University. His name is a Zulu name and his mother calls him “Musa.”

Bishop Shembe said he and Musa have been friends since they were tiny babies. Bishop Shembe said he has learned about faithfulness from his friend, Musa.

Who are your good friends?
I wonder who of you will be church leaders together?

submitted by Yvonne Roller (FMCNA)

A Warm Reception

reception2Sandra Mistro is one of four women delegates to the World Conference. She speaks English and was at the airport to meet each attendee. The hospitality of the Brazilian church was seen, in each loving, carefully planned detail.


Elected on the Same Day

elected same day

Bishop Jim Tuan was re-elected to a second term on November 2nd in the Philippine Islands, and on the other side of the world, on the same day, Bishop Jose Ildo Swartele de Mello, was re-elected in Brazil– also to a second term.

Bishop Jim Tuan leads the Filipino Church with compassion for the cities. One Free Methodist Pastor saw the children living in the street–sleeping in the street. He championed a home for these children and gathered them in. International Childcare came alongside. Food and Elementary Education was lovingly provided for the children. Advocating for the children, some were able to re-connect with their families. The orphans remained in their “church home”. More than one hundred street children have been embraced by the FMC. While finding the cities a challenge to decode, the Filipino church launches ministry to the prisons and other wholistic ministries. One lay couple rose to the challenge to shepherd a church plant when the Pastor quit. “We’re available,” they responded. Their glass installing business pays the bills. Since June of this year, they have baptized 4 adults! The Filipino Acronym of STAFF defines the Free Methodist Posture, Submissive to the Lord, Teachable, Available, Faithful, Fruitful

In addition to Lay Pastors, 72 Bible College Students are preparing for ministry. Thank the Lord for the emerging leaders “to go to the other towns” in the P. I. Luke 4:43

NOTE: Bishop Ildo Swartele was so busy hosting the World Conference, we did not want to give him one more thing to attend to–an interview. Please pray as Brazil feels passionately about going to “the other towns also” in new iniatives in the cities, in wholistic ministries and in sold-out ministry to the youth. (As you can see by the photos and video, the Brazilian FMC has a passionate love for Christ!)

Update on Tropical Storm Noel


VISA Host Kendra Luna returned Friday night, Nov 9, from the Dominican Republic where she had accompanied a VISA team from the Spring Arbor, MI FMC. She writes,”We had a great time of work and ministry with the team. We were able to deliver some supplies to families that had lost their homes in the flooding that happened as a result of Noel while I was there. It was so sad to see the homes filled with mud and incredible to hear miraculous stories of how the Lord preserved the lives of others. We saw a skinny avocado tree that 16 people perched in to survive the night while the flood waters raged around them – we also saw where two children (8 & 3 yrs) had been swept out of their mothers hands as they waited for their father to return from carrying another sibling to the avocado tree. The Christians in this village told us how they had many opportunities to pray with desperate people as the flood waters rose. I wished I could have stayed and done more to help these precious people!”


Devotional by Bishop Samuel Kayinamura (Rwanda)

Bishop Samuel Kayinamura opened this final day with his devotional talk, reminding the delegates that the scars of the 1994 genocide are fresh for his country.

In Luke 7, we can see what happens when mourners meet rejoicers. There, the joyful party of Jesus met the mourning party of Nain.

Bishop Kayinamura encouraged us then to march on to new villages as a Battalion of Life.

World Conference Elections

The Free Methodist World Conference has selected its new Executive Committee for the next four years. They are:
President: Bishop Jim Tuan (Philippines)
Vice President: Bishop Elie Buconyori (Burundi)
Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Rebecca Sawyer (FMCNA)
Members at large: Bishop Keith Elford (Canada), Mrs. Sandra Mistro (Brazil) and Rev. Allan Ellershaw (UK)

The Free Methodist Council of Bishops has also selected its new officers. They are:
President: Bishop Jose Ildo Swartele de Mello (Brazil)
Vice President: Bishop David Kendall (FMCNA)
Secretary: Bishop Zwelisha L. Shembe (South Africa)